Welcome to the website of Martin Treu

The new Martin Treu website is officially launched

Welcome to the new Martin Treu Website, a platform for a variety of great ideas related to urbanism — historic and current. For this website, we wanted to convey the look and feel of an ideal American commercial streetscape. Last year we discovered the work of illustrator Scotty Reifsnyder. We knew he could capture the joy of a vibrant pedestrian-friendly commercial corridor. Scotty took images of stores from Marty’s new book Signs, Streets, and Storefronts and created a mythical Main Street complete with cinema, bookshop and cafe. Hopefully you will enjoy strolling through the offerings in “Downtown Martyville,” a place inspired by the images and principles of the book. Art director, Sean Costik of Projekt, Inc. took Scotty’s illustrations and designed a website that will enhance your appreciation of the fascinating world of traditional American urbanism. Marty has MANY projects in the microwave, so stay tuned!


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